After 130 years of deposition, and now we are known Breitling has become one of the renowned professionals selected watch brands. Breitling watches launched the Galactic series, namely the new Galactic watch, How about this?

It is due to the professional category, Breitling to create a series like Breitling Galactic Watches. This function satisfactorily reflect excellent fine watch. Count those without proper timing function when this ultimate dynamic multi-function wrist fine, still high on the watch consolidation, precision, robustness required watch wearer.

Galaxy series Breitling unique range offers a wide range of certification by the C.O.S.C. men and women watches and chronograph men are free from 41 mm and chronograph models to choose from. Women have a beautifully elegant 36 mm automatic, 32 mm and 30 mm models, all of which are equipped with different options and choices bracelet straps and materials.

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